Major Seminars, Testimonies and Presentations

10a Major Seminars

10a‑1         Sole lecturer at an one‑day seminar on “Transit Planning” organized by the Ministry of Transport, Province of Ontario, Toronto, 6 May 1975.

10a‑2         Initiator, member of Organizing Committee and Speaker at the First National Conference on Light Rail Transit; sponsored by TRB, UMTA, APTA and University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, June 1975.

10a-3         “Mass Rapid Transit Planning Seminar”, organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Communications, Taipei, 9‑11 Dec. 1980; Vuchic one of the five invited speakers.

10a‑4         Sole lecturer at a one‑day seminar on “Urban Transportation Issues and Policies” in the Department of Transportation, Republic of South Africa; Pretoria, 3 Aug. 1981.

10a‑5         “Transit Policy Planning, Management and Operation”; course for SEPTA Management Personnel; Vuchic organizer and principal lecturer (32 out of 44 hours).  The course given at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Fall 1980 and Spring 1982.

10a‑6         Sole lecturer of a 3‑day continuing education course on “Urban Public Transport Planning”, University of Stellenbosch, 13‑15 July 1983.

10a‑7         “Light Rail Transit”; one‑day seminar organized by BKS, Pretoria, 1 Aug. 1983.

10a‑8         Five lectures in a 4‑day “Seminar on Guided Transit Systems” organized by COVITUR, Mexico, 24‑27 Oct. 1983.

10a‑9         “Public Transportation in Cities”; one‑day seminar organized by AS Oslo Sporveier, 16 June 1986, Oslo.

10a-10       “Contemporary Issues in Transit Management, Planning and Policy”; Professional Seminar for SEPTA Board; Vuchic organizer and principal lecturer (7 out of 16 hours). University of Pennsylvania, Oct. 1987.

10a-11       Organizer and Keynote Speaker at the Transit First Policy Seminar, sponsored by the David Williamson Memorial Fund at the University of Pennsylvania, 1 Dec. 1989.

10a-12       Organizer and Moderator of the Exchange Urban Transportation: Unlocking the Grid; 250th Anniversary of the University of Pennsylvania, 17 May 1990.

10a-13       Organizer and Speaker at the Mobility for the Whole Region Seminar, sponsored by the David B. Williamson Memorial Fund at the University of Pennsylvania, 4 Dec. 1990.

10a-14       Keynote Address at the Sixth Annual Metropolitan Conference on Public Transportation Research, “Our Urban Transportation Policies Require Drastic Revisions”; University of Illinois at Chicago, 7 June 1991.

10a-15       Main speaker at the Seminar Light Rail Transit in Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 20 June 1991.

10a-16       Main speaker at the Seminar Kollektiv transport i storby, AS Oslo Sporveier, Oslo, 21 June 1991.

10a-17       Main Speaker in the Plenary Session on Environment and Health, 30th Congress of the International Union of Local Authorities – IULA, Oslo, 25 June 1991.

10a-18       “Role of Urban Transportation: from Policy and Planning to Project Solution”; Keynote speech; and “Development of Transit in Los Angeles – an Example for Other Cities”; lecture at the International Symposium Transport 2000 in Ischia, Italy, 11-12 Oct. 1991.

10a-19       Organizer and speaker at the Third David Williamson Symposium, University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

10a-20       Organizer of the Reunion marking 30-Year Anniversary of the Transportation Engineering Program at the University of Pennsylvania with a number of professional presentations; 9-10 May 1997.

10a-21       Keynote Speaker at the 100 Jahre Dr. Friedrich Lehner Symposium: “Stadtetwicklung im 21. Jahrhundert: Analyse nach Dr. Friedrich Lehner;”  VDV 2000 Jahrestagung, Berlin, 24 May 2000.

10a-22       “Dialogue with Vukan R. Vuchic”, Featured Lecture – Session, TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 15 Jan. 2002.

10a-23       “Choices for the Future Transportation System”; Keynote speech at the Conference Public Transportation for the City 2002; Oslo, Norway, 27 May 2002.

10a-24       “Urban Transportation: Lessons from the 20th for the 21st Century;” Keynote Speaker, Seminar of the Institute for Transportation Policy Studies, Tokyo, 17 May 2003.

10a-25      “Transportation in Moscow: Past Experiences, Present Conditions and Directions for the Future;” The Moscow City Planning Institute27 July 2005.

10a-26     “Transport Systems and Policies for Sustainable Cities;” Keynote Speaker at The Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development, Energy, Water and Environmental Systems, Theme: Transportation and Sustainability; Dubrovnik, Croatia, 4 June 2007.

10a-27     “Intermodal Balanced Transport with Focus on Efficient Transit;” as member of the International Advisory Panel of the Land Transport Authority – LTA, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.

10a-28      “Intermodal Balance: Roles of Different Modes and Transportation  Policies;” China Planning Network – 1st Urban Transportation CongressBeijing, 2 Aug. 2007.

10a-29     “Toward Rational Policies in Urban Transportation and Their Effective Implementation;” World Urban Transport Leaders Conference, LTA, Singapore,  4 Nov. 2008.

10a-30    “Lessons Learned from American Urban Transportation Policies;” Keynote speech at the World Metropolitan Transport Development Forum 2012, Beijing, China, 23 May 2012.

10a-31    “Urban Transportation Policies and Planning for Livable Cities;” Keynote Speech at the Conference of Associacion Mexicana de Transporte y Movilidad, Mexico City, 24r 2015.

10.b Testimonies

10b‑1         Hearings on the National Transportation Policy; Transportation Subcommittee of the Committee of Appropriations, US House of Representatives, Washington, 6 Mar. 1974 (#8.31).

10b‑2         Hearings on the National Urban Transportation Policy; Trans­portation Committee, National Conference of Democratic Mayors, New Orleans, 22 Mar. 1975 (#8.38).

10b‑3         Hearing on the 1975 Highway Federal Aid Act, Transportation Subcommittee, Public Works Committee, US House of Represent­atives, Washington, 8 Sep. 1975.

10b‑4         “Let Us Treat Transportation as a Coordinated System”; testimony to the Subcommittee on Surface Transportation House Committee on Public Works and Transportation; US House of Representatives, Washington, 15 Jul. 1981.

10b-5         Member of the Advisory Group for UMTA-DOT on formulating the National Transportation Policy, 1989.

10b-6         Testimony on the National Transportation Policy (publication #8.78); hearing in Philadelphia, 30 Aug. 1989.

10b-7         Vuchic with Congressman James Oberstar, Testimony to the Transportation Committee of the French Parliament, “Transportation Policies toward Railways in the United States;” Paris, 8 Mar. 2011.

10b-8        Numerous testimonies to the City Council in the City of Philadelphia.

10 c. Presentations and Lectures at Professional Society Meetings and in Major Transportation Agencies

10c‑1         Association of Transport Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia (DITJ): Belgrade 1960, 1970, 1976, 1986.

10c‑2         Operations Research Society of America (ORSA): New York 1967, Miami Beach 1969, Detroit 1970, Atlantic City 1972; INFORMS, Philadelphia 1999.

10c‑3         Institute of Engineering Education (IEE): Andover, NH, 1967.

10c‑4         Hamburger Hochbahn AG: Hamburg 1968, 1971.

10c‑5         Transportation Research Board (TRB): Presentations of papers, major panel discussions, etc.: 1970, 1973, 1974 (2), 1975 (3), 1976, 1977, 1980 (2), 1981, 1983, 1988(2), 1990 (2) including one in the “Best Papers” session, 1995, 1997, 1998 (2), 1999, 2001 (2), 2002 (3), 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012 including “Dialog with Vukan Vuchic”; see 10a-21.

10c‑6         Regional Science Association of America (RSA): Philadelphia 1972, 1985.

10c‑7         International Union of Public Transport (UITP): The Hague 1973, Montreal 1977, Lausanne 1987, Toronto 1999.

10c‑8         Caltrans’ course “Public Transportation State‑of‑the‑Art”; Sacramento 1974, San Diego 1974, San Mateo 1975.

10c‑9         American Public Transit Association (APTA): New York 1974, Washington 1977, Philadelphia 1981, San Diego 1983, Washington 1988.

10c‑10       Engineering Society of Detroit: 1975.

10c‑11      American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE): Philadelphia Section:  1975, 1983, 1989, 1994, 1999.

10c‑12       Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA): R&D Conferences in Washington, 1976 (2); TTS Conference in Portland, OR, 1983; Conference on Privatization, Louisville, KY, May 1990.

10c‑13       German Scientific Transport Association (DVWG): Hamburg 1976.

10c‑14       Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE): Mexico 1977.

10c‑15       German Association of Transit Agencies (VDV): Frankfurt 1978, Munich 1982, Berlin 2000.

10c‑16       Oahu Development Conference: Honolulu 1978.

10c‑17       International Conference on Urban Transport organized by Asahi Shimbun: Tokyo 1979.

10c‑18       Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA): Tokyo 1979.

10c‑19       International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS): Tokyo 1979.

10c‑20       Northeast‑Midwest Coalition, U.S. Congress: 1979.

10c‑21       Chartered Institute of Transport: Cape Town 1981.

10c‑22       International Center for Transportation Studies (ICTS): Amalfi, Italy 1983.

10c‑23       Symposium of Recent Development of Urban Transit Technology, Keynote speech: “Transit Technology Today” (#8.61);Taipei,27‑29 Nov. 1984.

10c‑24       China Road Federation Annual Meeting, Keynote speech: “Present and Future of Highway Transportation”; Taipei, 30 Nov. 1984.

10c‑25       London Underground, Ltd., “Full Automation in Rapid Transit:  Problems and Prospects”; London, 7 Apr. 1986.

10c‑26       Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani:  “Full Automation of Rapid Transit Trains: Problems and Prospects”; Rome, 23 May 1986.

10c‑27       Association of Transportation Engineers of Yugoslavia: “Coordi­nation of Urban Development and Transport Systems”; Belgrade, 28 May 1986.

10c-28       XXI FISITA Congress: “Trends in the Development of Urban Passenger Transport Systems and Vehicles” (#8.68); Belgrade, 4 June 1986.

10c‑29       Association of Transportation Engineers of Yugoslavia: “Increase of Speed in Transit Services”; Belgrade, 5 June 1986.

10c‑30       International Mass Transit Association: “Transit Planning and Financing: Factors often Overlooked”; Washington, 9 Feb. 1987.

10c-31       Chicago Metropolitan Council: “Transit Planning for CBD Areas”, followed by a 3-hour discussion; Chicago, 22 June 1988.

10c-32       Montgomery County Planning Commission: “Public Transportation Planning for Low-Density Suburban Areas”; Silver Spring, MD, 11 Oct. 1988.

10c-33       Western Australia Department of Transportation: “Street Design and Traffic Engineering for Contemporary Cities”; Perth, Australia, 19 Oct. 1988.

10c-34       Transperth (Transit Agency): “Mode Selection in Urban Transportation Planning”; Perth, Australia, 21 Oct. 1988.

10c-35       DART Seminars on Transit Planning: “Place of Rapid Transit in Modern Cities”; Dallas, TX, 27 Oct. 1988.

10c-36       New York City Transit Authority: “NYCTA Control Centers Modernization”; presentation to the top level managers, 8 Mar. 1989.

10c-37       Metropolitan Transit Authority – MTA: “State-of-the-Art of Transit Control Centers”; Baltimore, MD, 21 Apr. 1989.

10c-38       Rene Dubos Center: participant in the Panel on Transportation, Seminar on Urban Environment; New York City, 16-17 May 1989.

10c-39       The World Bank: “Characteristics of Urban Transportation Systems”; lecture in the Seminar on Urban Transportation, Washington, DC, 13 Sep. 1989.

10c-40       Istituto Superiore dei Trasporti – ISTRA: Discussion of the National and Urban Transportation Policies – USA and Italy; Roma, 18 Oct. 1989.

10c-41       Innovative Land Transportation in the 21st Century: Member of two panels; Snowmass, CO, 8-10 Oct. 1990.

10c-42       2a Mostra e Convegno Internazionale per la Gestione Coordinata della Citta: “Prospects for Competitiveness of Urban Public Transport”;  Padova, Italy, 20 Feb. 1991.

10c-43       S-Bahn nach Mass – Internationale Studientage in Zürich: “Von der klassischen Eisenbahn zur S-Bahn” (in German), publication #8.81; 24 Apr. 1991.

10c-44       American Society of Landscape Architects: Philadelphia Section Meeting, “Role of Transportation in Cities”; Philadelphia, PA, 3 Apr. 1992.

10c-45       International Symposium and Exhibition on Automated Guided Transit: presentation of the paper #8.84; Seoul, Korea, 1 Dec. 1992.

10c-46       7th National HOV Conference: presentation of paper #8.89; Los Angeles, CA, 8 June 1994.

10c-47       Planning Department of Queensland: “Transit Planing for Low-Density Areas”; Melbourne, Australia, 17 June 1994.

10c-48       New South Wales Department of Transport: “The Role of Transport Systems in Planning for More Livable Cities”; Sydney, Australia, 20 June 1994.

10c-49       Puget Sound RTA Board: Presentation and discussion on urban transportation systems; Seattle, WA, 15 Sep. 1994.

10c-50       JSCE 80th Anniversary International Symposium: presentation of paper #8.90, Yokohama, Japan, 24 Nov. 1994.

10c-51       National Transit Institute: “Characteristics and Roles of Different Modes of Urban Transportation”; Newark, NJ, 26 May 1995, 17 May 1996, New Brunswick, NJ, 27 Oct. 1999.

10c-52       “Seoul – a Livable City” International Seminar in Seoul: Presentation of paper #8.94, 27 Oct. 1995.

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10c-53       “Selection of Technology for Metro Line C in Rome”; Presentation of paper #9-dd and a press conference, Rome City Hall, 2 Dec. 1995.

10c-54       UITP Light Rail Transit Conference: “LRT – A Dynamic Mode with Continuing Innovations”; San Jose, CA, 1 Oct. 1996.

10c-55      APTA’s Commuter Rail Conference: “Modernizing Regional Rail Systems”; Philadelphia, PA, 23 Mar. 1998.

10c-56       Associacao National de Transporte Publicos – ANTP: “Trends in Urban Transportation”; Sao Paulo, Brazil, 10 Aug. 1998.

10c-57       Associacao des Engenheiros e Arquitetos do Metro de Sao Paulo, Keynote Speech at the 4th Seminar on Metropolitan Railways: “Trends in Urban Rail Transit”; Sao Paulo, 12 Aug. 1998.

10c-58       Newman Real Estate Institute’s Forum Development Conference: “Regional Rail in the New York City Region: the Neglected Giant”; Baruch College, New York City, 13 Nov. 1998.

10c-59       53rd UITP Congress, Plenary Session: “Achieving Intermodal Balance for Efficiency and Livability of Cities”; Toronto, May 1999.

10c-60       Electric Railroaders Association Annual Meeting: “Rail Transit in the 20th Century”; Philadelphia, 04 July 1999

10c-61       Strategic Planning for Transit Symposium: “Transportation and Urban Character”; Metropolitan Transit Development Board, San Diego, CA, 18 Sep. 1999.

10c-62       National Transit Institute at Rutgers: “Cities, Transit Systems and Their Operation” (3-hour lecture); New Brunswick, NJ, 27 Oct. 1999.

10c-63       INFORMS, Annual Meeting: “Applications of Operations Research in Transit”; Philadelphia, 07 Nov. 1999.

10c-64       UITP Metropolitan Railways Operations Committee: “The BART System”; New York City, 19 Nov. 1999.

10c-65       Transportation Research Board: “Transfers in Transit Networks: Theory and Practice” (with J. M. Casello), 12 Jan. 2000.

10c-66       Transportation Research Board: “Transportation and Access – the Main Factors in Planning the New Phillies Stadium in Philadelphia” (with T. D=Emidio and J. Kahn); 13 Jan. 2000.

10c-67       Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft – BVG: “Automatisierung der U-Bahn und Erfahrungen in Nord America”;  Seminar, “Star 2000,” Berlin, 11 Feb. 2000.

10c-68       High Speed Ground Transportation Society, Annual Meeting: “Needed: A Rational Policy Toward High Speed Ground Transportation”; Philadelphia, 12 May 2000.

10c-69       DP – Prague Transit Agency: “Current Issues in Transit Development”; Prague, 31 May 2000.

10c-70       BKV – Budapest Transit Agency: “Intermodal Transportation for Livable Cities”; Budapest, 05 June 2000.

10c-71       UITP Light Rail Conference: “Comparison of LRT with Bus Semirapid Transit System” (paper #8.106); Melbourne, 09 Oct. 2000.

10c-72       Second Annual Felicia Gayle Lecture: “Transportation for Livable Cities”; Citizens for Modern Transit, St. Louis, MO, 14 Nov. 2000.

10c-73       Federal Department of Transportation, Argentina: “Urban Transport in Sustainable Cities: Lessons and Experiences from North America”; Buenos Aires, 20 Dec. 2000.

10c-74       TRB Annual Meeting: “Inconsistent Policies toward Amtrak and Maglev Program Impede the Progress of High Speed Rail Development”; Committee A1E13,  Washington, DC, 08 Jan. 2001.

10c-75       TRB Annual Meeting: “Clarifying the Concepts about HSGT: a Comparison of Maglev with High Speed Rail”; Committee A2MO5, Washington, DC, 10 Jan. 2001.

10c-76       Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, National Association of Railroad Passengers: “Needed: a Rational Policy toward Passenger Rail”; Washington, DC, 26 Apr. 2001.

10c-77       Conference of Minority Transportation Officials – COMTO: “The Implications of High Speed Rail”; Miami, FL, 20 June 2001.

10c-78       TRB Conference on Bus Rapid Transit: “Bus Semirapid Transit as an Option in Alternatives Analysis”;  Pittsburgh, PA, 12 Aug. 2001.

10c-79       TRB Annual Meeting: “Rail Transit System Capacity: Interaction Between Line and Stations”; Washington, DC, 15 Jan. 2002.

10c-80       TRB Annual Meeting: “An Evaluation of Maglev Technology and Its Comparison with High‑Speed Rail”; Washington, DC, 16 Jan. 2002.

10c-81       ASCE Second International Conference on Urban Public Transportation Systems: “Ensuring Sustainability Through Mass Transit”; Washington, DC, 17 Apr. 2002.

10c-82       Department of Transportation, Seoul, Korea: “Medium Capacity Transit Systems”; Seminar on Urban Transportation Systems, 26 Apr. 2002.

10c-83       Professional Seminar on Transit Systems, Lectures: “Public Transit Systems in Medium-Size Cities” and “Attracting New Riders to Public Transit”; Bergen, Norway, 23 May 2002.

10c-84       Atlantic City Rail Line Symposium: Panelist; South Jersey Transportation Authority, Atlantic City, 16 Oct. 2002.

10c-85       American Planning Association: “Comparison of Maglev with High Speed Rail and the Baltimore-Washington Project”; Baltimore, 3 Dec. 2002.

10c-86       ATAC – Rome Transit Agency: “Technical and Systems Innovations in Urban Transit with Case Studies”; Rome, 25 June 2003.

10c-87      “Current Urban Transportation and Sustainability;” The Urban Sustainability Forum, Philadelphia, 19 Jan. 2006.

10c-88       85th TRB Annual Meeting, “Context Sensitive Design for Urban Transportation in West Philadelphia;” presentation with Jeffrey Casello; Washington, DC 24 Jan. 2006.

10c-89     “Transportation Systems for Livable and Sustainable Cities: Definition and Implementation;” Kittelson & Associates, Consultants, Fort Lauderdale, FL (telecast to five Kittelson offices); 19 July 2007.

10c-90       Urban Land Institute: “Transportation Goals and Policies as the Basis for Infrastructure Development;” 2nd Annual Forum on Infrastructure, Philadelphia, 15 May 2008.

10c-91       e-Tech Consulting Company, “Implementing Balanced Transportation System: Incentives, Disincentives and Potential Role of Light Rail Transit;” Port of Spain, Trinidad, 29 May 2008.

10c-92       e-Tech Consulting Company, “Upgrading Intercity and Urban Public Transport in Trinidad;” Port of Spain, 16 Oct. 2008.

10c-93       Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority – SEPTA, “Urban Transit: Past Lessons, Recent Innovations and Future Prospects;” Philadelphia, PA 12 Feb 2009.

10c-94       Indianapolis Government Center – MPO & Health by Design: “Transportation for Livable Cities;” 23 Mar. 2009.

10c-95       INECO Railway Consulting Company, “Process and Technical Aspects of Rail Transit Line and Network Planning and Design;” Madrid, 21 Sep. 2009.

10c-96       International Festival Conference, “Defining and Achieving an Effective Balance between Public and Private Transport in High-Density Cities;” Moscow, 21 Oct. 2009.

10c-97       EU Bus Study Action COST TU 603, “Buses with High Level of Service:Definition, Characteristics and Role in Urban Transit;” Hamburg, 26 Oct. 2009.

10c-98       Korean Society of Civil Engineers, “Planning and Design of Rail Transit Networks;” Daegu, Korea, 26 May 2011

10c-99       Ministry of Transportation and Communications, “Transportation and Cities: Recent Experiences and Progress toward Livable Cities;” Taipei, Taiwan, 31 May 2011

10c-100     Joint Railway Conference of IEEE, ASCE, ASME, AREMA,TRB, APTA aqnd Informs-RAS, Plenary speech:  “Needed: Modern Passenger Rail System for Livable and Competitive Cities;“ Philadelphia, PA 17 Apr 2012.

10c-101     “Characteristics and Comparative Analyses of Transit Modes;” 2-hr lecture in the Railway Publishing House-ogranized Forum on Rail Transit Development for Livable Cities. Beijing, China, 25 May 2012.

10c-102     Eighth World Congress on High-Speed Rail, (*Vukan R.Vuchic and Ross Capon), “Hiughh-Speed Rail: a New Mode with Expanding Role in Intercity Transport;” Philadelphia,PA, 12 Jul 2012.

10c-103     STRELKA, “Urban Transport: Can Countries in Transition Avoid the Mistakes Made by Western Countries?” Public lecture, Moscow, 3 Sep 2012.

10c-104     Korean Railroad Research Institute – KRRI, Keynote speech, “Development and Increasing Roles of Urban Rail Transit and High-Speed Rail Systems“ Seoul, 28 Feb 2013.

10c-105     Passenger Forum 2013, “Considering Passenger Interests in Transport System Design;” Moscow International Press Center, Moscow, 27 Mar 2013.

10c-106   Gorodskie Projekti, public lecture “Characteristics and Comparative Analysis of Different Transit Modes;“ 30 Mar 2013.

10c-107   Gorodskie Projekti, public lecture, “Misconceptions and Experiences in  Planning Urban Transport Projects;” 31 Mar 2013.

10c-108    Railway Age LRT Conference, “Light Rail Transit – Ugly Duckling Has Become a   Swan;” Philadel[phia, PA, 27 Apr 2016.

10c-109 Executive Bureau of United Cities and Local Governments – UCLG, Keynote speech “Impacts of Transportation Policies on Livability of Cities;” Kazan, Russia, 26 May 2016.

10c-110 Planning Medium Capacity Transit System for a green city in Tianjin China, October 2016, Panel speech “ From increasing traffic congestion to a more livable, transit/pedestrian oriented, green Tianjin;” Tianjin, China, Oct 29 2016

10c-111 University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Keynote speech “High-Speed Rail: Development and Prospects of a New Mode;” Philadelphia, PA, 13 Feb, 2017

10c-112 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – Philadelphia, Keynote speech “High-Speed Rail: Development and Prospects of a New Mode;” Philadelphia, PA, 17 Mar, 2017

10c-113 Salvage The Rail – Honolulu, “Light Rail and Medium Capacity Mode Choice;”, Honolulu, U.S., 10 July 2017.

10c-114 Forum 100-Yekaterinburg, “Russian Cities Should not Repeat Mistakes of “Auto-Based Cities” in Western Countries
;” & ” Urban Transport in Russian Cities in Recent Years: Successes and Failures;” Yekaterinburg, Russia, Oct 2-4 2017 (Forthcoming).