Major Seminars

10a‑1         Sole lecturer at an one‑day seminar on “Transit Planning” organized by the Ministry of Transport, Province of Ontario, Toronto, 6 May 1975.

10a‑2         Initiator, member of Organizing Committee and Speaker at the First National Conference on Light Rail Transit; sponsored by TRB, UMTA, APTA and University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, June 1975.

10a-3         “Mass Rapid Transit Planning Seminar”, organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Communications, Taipei, 9‑11 Dec. 1980; Vuchic one of the five invited speakers.

10a‑4         Sole lecturer at a one‑day seminar on “Urban Transportation Issues and Policies” in the Department of Transportation, Republic of South Africa; Pretoria, 3 Aug. 1981.

10a‑5         “Transit Policy Planning, Management and Operation”; course for SEPTA Management Personnel; Vuchic organizer and principal lecturer (32 out of 44 hours).  The course given at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Fall 1980 and Spring 1982.

10a‑6         Sole lecturer of a 3‑day continuing education course on “Urban Public Transport Planning”, University of Stellenbosch, 13‑15 July 1983.

10a‑7         “Light Rail Transit”; one‑day seminar organized by BKS, Pretoria, 1 Aug. 1983.

10a‑8         Five lectures in a 4‑day “Seminar on Guided Transit Systems” organized by COVITUR, Mexico, 24‑27 Oct. 1983.

10a‑9         “Public Transportation in Cities”; one‑day seminar organized by AS Oslo Sporveier, 16 June 1986, Oslo.

10a-10       “Contemporary Issues in Transit Management, Planning and Policy”; Professional Seminar for SEPTA Board; Vuchic organizer and principal lecturer (7 out of 16 hours). University of Pennsylvania, Oct. 1987.

10a-11       Organizer and Keynote Speaker at the Transit First Policy Seminar, sponsored by the David Williamson Memorial Fund at the University of Pennsylvania, 1 Dec. 1989.

10a-12       Organizer and Moderator of the Exchange Urban Transportation: Unlocking the Grid; 250th Anniversary of the University of Pennsylvania, 17 May 1990.

10a-13       Organizer and Speaker at the Mobility for the Whole Region Seminar, sponsored by the David B. Williamson Memorial Fund at the University of Pennsylvania, 4 Dec. 1990.

10a-14       Keynote Address at the Sixth Annual Metropolitan Conference on Public Transportation Research, “Our Urban Transportation Policies Require Drastic Revisions”; University of Illinois at Chicago, 7 June 1991.

10a-15       Main speaker at the Seminar Light Rail Transit in Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 20 June 1991.

10a-16       Main speaker at the Seminar Kollektiv transport i storby, AS Oslo Sporveier, Oslo, 21 June 1991.

10a-17       Main Speaker in the Plenary Session on Environment and Health, 30th Congress of the International Union of Local Authorities – IULA, Oslo, 25 June 1991.

10a-18       “Role of Urban Transportation: from Policy and Planning to Project Solution”; Keynote speech; and “Development of Transit in Los Angeles – an Example for Other Cities”; lecture at the International Symposium Transport 2000 in Ischia, Italy, 11-12 Oct. 1991.

10a-19       Organizer and speaker at the Third David Williamson Symposium, University of Pennsylvania, 1993.

10a-20       Organizer of the Reunion marking 30-Year Anniversary of the Transportation Engineering Program at the University of Pennsylvania with a number of professional presentations; 9-10 May 1997.

10a-21       Keynote Speaker at the 100 Jahre Dr. Friedrich Lehner Symposium: “Stadtetwicklung im 21. Jahrhundert: Analyse nach Dr. Friedrich Lehner;”  VDV 2000 Jahrestagung, Berlin, 24 May 2000.

10a-22       “Dialogue with Vukan R. Vuchic”, Featured Lecture – Session, TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 15 Jan. 2002.

10a-23       “Choices for the Future Transportation System”; Keynote speech at the Conference Public Transportation for the City 2002; Oslo, Norway, 27 May 2002.

10a-24       “Urban Transportation: Lessons from the 20th for the 21st Century;” Keynote Speaker, Seminar of the Institute for Transportation Policy Studies, Tokyo, 17 May 2003.

10a-25      “Transportation in Moscow: Past Experiences, Present Conditions and Directions for the Future;” The Moscow City Planning Institute, 27 July 2005.

10a-26     “Transport Systems and Policies for Sustainable Cities;” Keynote Speaker at The Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development, Energy, Water and Environmental Systems, Theme: Transportation and Sustainability; Dubrovnik, Croatia, 4 June 2007.

10a-27     “Intermodal Balanced Transport with Focus on Efficient Transit;” as member of the International Advisory Panel of the Land Transport Authority – LTA, Singapore, 6 Nov. 2007.

10a-28      “Intermodal Balance: Roles of Different Modes and Transportation  Policies;” China Planning Network – 1st Urban Transportation Congress, Beijing, 2 Aug. 2007.

10a-29     “Toward Rational Policies in Urban Transportation and Their Effective Implementation;” World Urban Transport Leaders Conference, LTA, Singapore,  4 Nov. 2008.

10a-30    “Lessons Learned from American Urban Transportation Policies;” Keynote speech at the World Metropolitan Transport Development Forum 2012, Beijing, China, 23 May 2012.

10a-31    “Urban Transportation Policies and Planning for Livable Cities;” Keynote Speech at the Conference of Associacion Mexicana de Transporte y Movilidad, Mexico City, 24r 2015.