Vuchic Scholarship


2016-2017 Professor Vukan Vuchic Scholarship Recipient – Max Li

Max Li, a member of the Class of 2018, was selected to receive the 13thProfessor Vukan Vuchic Scholarship award. Max is pursuing dual majors in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.  He is particularly interested in aviation, air traffic management, airspace operations, and avionics.

Thanks to all who continue to support the scholarship.  You have not only contributed financially to the formal education of a diverse group of deserving individuals, but also promoted the study and recognition of transportation as a critical element to the social, economic, and environmental sustainability and resilience of communities. Whether or not these individuals pursue careers directly involved with transportation, our common interest as TSEAC members is served by promoting these values among future leaders within any industry and organization.

Professor Vukan Vuchic Scholarship Recipients

  • 2004 – James Aslaksen
  • 2005 – David Kriesman
  • 2006 – David Kriesman
  • 2007 – Vipul Devluk
  • 2008 – Timothy Potens
  • 2009 – Alexandra A. Malikova
  • 2010 – Eric Lamb
  • 2011 – Anthony Scafidi
  • 2012 – Anthony Scafidi
  • 2013 – Alaric Qin
  • 2014 – Alaric Qin
  • 2015 – Alaric Qin
  • 2016 – Max Li


Scholarship Endowment Update

If you wish to support this effort directly, please visit Penn’s secure website;jsessionid=535D22CAF1BE35DF4E639E5B459F5530 and use the 3 drop down boxes to specify“SCHOOLS,” “ENGINEERING,” and “PROFESSOR VUKAN VUCHIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND

to make a contribution, or you can also make a check payable to “Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania” and mail it to:

  • Penn Engineering Development Office
  • c/o George Hain
  • 123 Towne Building
  • 220 S. 33rd Street
  • Philadelphia, PA 19104

Whether donating on-line or writing a check, please be sure to clearly specify that your contribution is intended to support the “Professor Vukan Vuchic Scholarship” Fund. If writing a check, please attach a note or indicate such on the check itself. Please contact George Hain of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at Penn Engineering at 215-898-6564 with any questions.