Reports and Mannals

9.1             Interstation Spacings for Line‑haul Passenger Transportation; report of the Operations Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, to the National Bureau of Standards, 1966; 144 pages.

9.2             (With D. E. Boyce), A Critique of the DVRPC 1985 Regional Transportation Plan; University of Pennsylvania, Oct. 1969; 19 pages.

9.3             (Editor and co‑author), Minicar Transit Systems; Final Report of the multidisciplinary research group, University of Pennsylvania, to UMTA ‑ U.S. Department of Transportation; Sep. 1970; 274 pages.

9.4             Value of Speed in Public Transit Services; Transportation Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania, 1970; 57 pages.

9.5             Light Rail Transit System ‑ A Definition and Evaluation; report to UMTA through the Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, MA,  1972; 111 pages.


9.6             (With S. Kikuchi)* Design of Outlying Rapid Transit Stations; report to UMTA ‑ US Department of Transportation; NTIS, Spring­ field, VA, 1973; report PB 223279, 52 pages.

9.7             Integration of Transit Systems; report UMTA RI‑06‑0005‑73‑3 by Interplan Corporation, Vuchic co‑author; 4 volumes; NTIS Spring­field, VA, June 1973.

9.8             Design for a National Urban Transportation Reporting System; report to UMTA-US DOT, 1976.  86 pp.

9.9             Light Rail Transit‑‑A State‑of‑the‑Art Review; report to UMTA‑DOT by DeLeuw, Cather & Company, Vuchic consultant; 1976.

9.10           Land Use Impacts of Rapid Transit:  Implications of Recent Experience; report by De Leuw, Cather & Company to the Department of Transportation; Vuchic consultant; Aug. 1977.

9.11           (With S. Hessami)*, Parking Policy as a Transportation SystemManagement Measure; report to UMTA‑US DOT; NTIS, Springfield, VA, 1978; 67 pages.

9.12           Report on Interstate 476; Congressman Edgar’s Transportation Advisory Committee (Vuchic Chairman); Feb. 1979; 51 pages.

9.13           Timed Transfer System Planning, Design and Operation; Report to UMTA; program report DOT‑I‑83‑28; 124 pages.

9.14           Train Crew Reduction for Increased Productivity of Rail Transit; report to UMTA ‑ US DOT; NTIS, Springfield, VA, 1982; 86 pages.

9.15           De Leuw, Cather & Company; Light Rail Transit: Surface Operations (a. report; b. Technical Appendix); Vuchic co‑author. Report to UMTA/DOT‑IT‑06‑0103; Washington, 1981.



9.16           (With H. Felz and D. Howard), South Edmonton Light Rail Transit Plan Review; report to the City of Edmonton, Canada, April 1982; 46 pages.

9.17           Levinson and Weant (Editors), Urban Transportation Perspectives and Prospects (includes an adapted version of paper #8.29 by  Vuchic and Kikuchi, pp. 275‑281); Eno Foundation, Westport, CT, 1982.

9.18           Transportation in Philadelphia; report of the Task Force on Transportation, co‑chaired by Vuchic and W. B. Allen, part of the study “Phila­delphia Past, Present and Future”, 1982; (Vuchic wrote a section on Passenger Transportation, 29 pages).

9.19           (With S. Kikuchi)*, General Operations Plan for the SEPTA Regional High Speed System; report to SEPTA, Philadelphia, PA, 1984; 220  pp.


With Mr. Louis Gambaccini, SEPTA’ GM,1984.

9.20           Contributor to the Report on the Regional High Speed Lines by Thompson and Coleman, submitted to SEPTA, Philadelphia, 1985.

9.21           (With S. Kikuchi)*, Infrastructure and Operational Improvements of the SEPTA Regional Rail System; report to SEPTA, Philadelphia, 1987; 124 pp.

9.22           (With P. Newman and D. Howard), A Review of Northern Suburbs Rapid Transit Options; Report of Expert Panel to Minister of Transport of Western Australia; Perth, Australia, October 1988; 27 pp.

9.23           (With R. Landgraf & T. Parkinson)*, A Future for the Philadelphia Surface Streetcar System; report to the City of Philadelphia and SEPTA by the Peer Review Group; January 1990; 55 pp.

9.24           New York City Transit Authority Control Center Modernization Project, Phase I; report to NYCTA, April 1990; 149 pp.

9.25           (With S. Kukuchi)*, Recommendations for Improvement of Green Lines Subway Operations; report to SEPTA, Philadelphia, June 1990; 98 pp.

9.26           (With S. Kikuchi et al.)*, A Plan for SEPTA’s Regional Metrorail System; report to SEPTA, Philadelphia, April 1993; ~170 pp.

9.27           (With S. Kikuchi)*, Short-term Improvements for SEPTA’s Regional Rail System; report to SEPTA, Philadelphia, June 1994, ~75 pp.

9.28           (With S. Kikuchi et al.)*, The Bus Transit System: Its Underutilized Potential;  report to the Federal Transit Administration, (FTA – DOT), Washington, May 1994, ~82 pp.


9.29           (With A. Young & J.-C. Ziv)* Selection of Technology for Metro Line C in Rome; report to the Mayor of Rome; December 1995.

9.30           Cars, Transit and Livable Cities; Report to The Energy Foundation, 1996, ~120 pp.

9.31           Transportation Improvements for Increased Livability in the Philadelphia Region; Report sponsored by the William Penn Foundation, Philadelphia, 1999; 46 pages.

9.32           The Maglev Transportation Systems and the Baltimore-Washington Proposed Project – an Independent Review; report to Citizens Planning and Housing Association, Baltimore, MD, January 2001. 29 pp.

9.33           (With Jean-Claude Ziv and Thor Haatveit),* Transport v Moskve (in Russian); 75 pp; Gorodskie Proekty, Moscow, 2013.

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